What do you need:

  • measuring tape
  • pieces of cord (one for the neck and one for the waist)

How to make measurements correctly?

  • Important when taking measurements, you must be in line
  • Position the first cord around the base of the neck as shown
  • Position the second cord, at waist height, and make sure it is horizontally aligned to the body
  • You can fill out the form here or download a PDF document with measurements

Total 35 measurements for female and males. Please take note that all the fields are mandatory

    Neck, cm

    Over breast, cm

    Chest, cm

    Lower chest, cm

    Belly, cm

    Waist, cm

    Buttocks, cm

    Groin, cm

    Thigh, cm

    Knee, cm

    Calf, cm

    Ankle, cm

    Instep, cm

    Shoulder, cm

    Biceps, cm

    Elbow, cm

    Wrist, cm

    Hand, cm

    Shoulder length, cm

    Full arm, cm

    Forearm, cm

    Vertical chest, cm

    From upper arm to waist, cm

    Armpits, cm

    Vertical back, cm

    Horizontal back, cm

    Shoulder width, cm

    Seated, cm

    Outside leg, cm

    Inside leg, cm

    Lower leg, cm

    Between legs, cm

    Whole body, cm

    Head, cm

    GENDER *
    GROWTH (CM) *
    WEIGHT (KG) *